Martha Ward - Landscapes / Exploits

London based Martha Ward is Fashion Director at Condé Nast Traveller and an avid photographer.

Her career in fashion began in the Tatler fashion department and from there she embarked upon a freelance career working across various publications including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, BA High Life, Town & Country and ES magazine.

She spent a number of years working with (UK) as a contributing editor and during this time was the Vogue TV anchorwoman. She interviewed dozens of fashion sensations and stars including Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss, Harry Styles, Grayson Perry, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung & Valentino among many others.

She is also currently a contributing editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Editor-at-Large at Town & Country. Her passion for photography she inherited from her father who is a keen photographer himself. He bought her her first camera aged 7 (a pink Le Clic) and introduced her to the world of Leica some years later. We caught up with Martha to chat about her recent travel adventures and how she got on with the Leica TL2.

-Wiltshire, April 2017

This was a rather extraordinary vista that I snapped on the move from a car window.  It was impossible to stop on the fast moving ‘A’ road and I had no anticipation of it, thus it’s a reminder to me to never be without my Leica strapped to my side.  The colours and layers of the countryside at this particular time of year blew me away.

-Utah, May 2017

The landscape of Utah is other worldly. This particular spot on Lake Powell was probably one of the most still places I have ever found myself. I was here for a photo shoot for Condé Nast Traveller and so we saw many parts of Utah and Arizona and this was one the most striking.  It was at the end of the day and the stillness was utterly extraordinary.

-Modica, October 17

Remarkable, atmospheric and seeping in history, there aren’t enough words to describe the unique city of Modica in Sicily.  Even a photograph doesn’t reveal the full spectacle. It’s layer after layer after layer of photogenic splendour. Again, I was here for a shoot but was beguiled by the landscape.  

-LA, December 2017
Looking up shouldn’t be overlooked.  I always like to see what’s going on in the sky, how the clouds are moving and shaping up, and every now and then a little formation of birds like this might just be there and might just make the picture; which in this case, it did.  

-Canouan, January 2018

I always love it when the sea becomes the sky and vice versa.  The Caribbean sea never fails in its beauty and colour and the scale of it is often hard to fathom.  At certain times of the day, particularly, it makes for a remarkable vista. This was early afternoon.  The stillness of this image, and the tiny fragile boats is almost meditative.

-Northumberland, March 18

For me, nothing actually beats the Northumbrian coast.  It’s one of my most favourite coastlines of all, and unsurprisingly a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’.  I have been photographing it almost my entire life as it’s home to me, and no two captures of it are ever the same.  The light, the sea, the sand, the sky - almost everything can appear different on different occasions.

-Rajasthan, April 2018

Some of the windows in India are exceptional, as are the vistas from them.  I often see an image within an image and this is the perfect illustration. I think the framing of a beautiful landscape is an equal match to the landscape itself. Rajasthan never fails to be picturesque.

-London, June 2018

I always, always ensure that I have a window seat on a flight so I can gaze out the window at the passing world, and atmosphere.  The landscape when flying into London never ceases to fascinate me. On a clear evening (this is 6.30pm flying in from Transylvania) you can see almost everything.  I can literally see the road I live on in this picture. This wouldn't be possible without a Leica! The Leica lens is unrivalled.

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