‘Quarterly’ - A Cat Garcia Exhibition

Cat Garcia works across portrait, editorial and advertising photography, capturing people and places with a lightness of touch and sense of storytelling. Her work celebrates individuality and the simple, authentic beauty of her subjects.

Cat’s personal series, entitled Our Time, was released as a book in 2014, documenting the lives of 60 of Britain’s most creative talents including Sir Peter Blake, Bella Freud, Giles Deacon, Gavin Turk, Fergus Henderson and Sir Paul Smith. The book combines black and white and colour portraits with telling incidental details from the ordinary lives of extraordinary people.

With the opening of her new exhibition 'Quarterly' at the Leica Studio Mayfair, Cat shares her ideas and inspiration for the series. 


Quarterly is a personal series that I captured across the seasons of one year. I wanted to set myself the challenge of capturing the changing of seasons. It’s a simple theme but also a vast theme, and whilst very time specific – working to the astronomical dates for the seasons of one year, it’s also quite timeless.

The series combines detail shots of nature and portraits of people who are close to nature, either through their work or pastimes. The final series is made up of little observations over the year, things that caught my eye or that I think were moments that made me notice, appreciate, and be curious about the changes in seasons.

I wanted to keep the series as simple as possible, both in terms of what I shot, and how I shot it. It was important to me, to simply focus on natural light and the irregular, ever changing beauty of nature.

I shot the series on a Leica M (Typ 240) and the Leica SL. The M for its compact size; I did a lot of walking whilst exploring and capturing this series, so the M for being able to climb a mountain or walk new locations for hours with it, to keep the joy of the process and to keep image quality, without too much heavy equipment. Then the SL for its ability to very accurately frame and compose shots, I like quite simple, graphic compositions so I find the EVF and viewfinder grid work well for this. This is what I’m shooting everything on now, as for me the combination of the SL with SL lenses, plus the option of using it with M lenses when I travel, works for how I shoot.

The exhibition at the Leica Studio Mayfair is open to the general public from 9th November - 28th November.