The Adventures of Us

Travelling the world is our shared passion, immersing ourselves in new cultures, finding unique hidden gems, sharing priceless experiences together and enriching our lives. By way of introduction, we are Christopher and Sarah-Louise of The Adventures of Us, a creative journal and personal travel guide.

The Adventures of Us was something of an artistic accident. Our shared passion for travel, culture, food, art, fashion and architecture inspired us to seek out unforgettable experiences and escape to beautiful destinations whenever we had the chance. Our foray into photography was spurred by a keen interest in storytelling and that drove us to start an online journal, a digital scrapbook if you will, which documented our own experiences and memories. We fell in love with the idea that everyone has the ability to see the world with a unique perspective, to capture a fading moment in a photograph that lasts forever — we often find ourselves drawn to capturing fleeting details that often go unseen and finding beauty in the unexpected.

In the spring of this year, we travelled through Rajasthan, the golden triangle of Northern India, visiting some of the most iconic, and beautiful parts of this vast and vibrant sub-continent, documenting our journey using the Leica M10-P.

Our experience with camera equipment over the years has been firmly rooted in the use of digital SLRs with a range of lenses, as well as documenting behind the scenes journalistic style photographs using a variety of 35mm cameras. Two different approaches, two very different results. Picking up the Leica M10-P, immediately evokes the sense of tradition, and repositioned our approach to how to take a photograph and utilise the camera in our environment. The convenience of digital, but the feel and aesthetic of an analogue camera.

The most notable feature for us is the rangefinder; a tool that insists you take your time. Using an SLR, it is very easy to snap away and lean heavily on a cameras ability to autofocus, but as soon as you lift the M10-P and use your eye to calculate your distance to the subject, you tend to slow down, take stock, and at the right moment release the shutter. It feels much more considered and rewarding. This of course gets easier with time, but still demands a thoughtful approach to each photograph.

One of the best tips I was given by Leica Akademie tutor Robin was to focus on a subject’s eyes. This was an approach I didn’t take too seriously when he mentioned it, but out in the field I understood it perfectly. The camera has a way of drawing you into the subject; I would approach people in the street to ask them if I could take their photograph. Once I was looking through the viewfinder adjusting the rangefinder, locking into their eyes, the split second before you release the shutter you connect with your subject. The discrete shutter sound solidifies that moment

The Leica M10-P has fast become our go-to camera when it comes to documenting behind the scenes, more candid shots of our travels and everything in between. The images are beautiful, truthful and authentic. Its compact size allows you to carry the camera almost anywhere without really getting noticed, yet delivers exceptional professional images that rival most high-end digital SLRs.

We look forward to shooting more of our adventures with Leica.