Ninety Nine Years Leica - Hardcover Book

The book “Ninety Nine Years Leica” by the Hamburg publisher 99pages is a nod to Leica Camera’s history and the emotions and legendary images that have been a part of our lives for nearly a century. 

Alfred Schopf, former CEO of the Management Board of Leica Camera AG, says: 

"This book is not only the typical success story; it also deals with failures and mistakes. It’s about images shot with Leica cameras (a lot of them very prominent). It’s about people that have different motivations to work with, to repair and to collect the cameras. It’s an overview of the undiscovered Leica Universe, so-to-speak."

Read the whole interview about the book here.

286 pages 
ISBN: 978-3-942518-33-8
32.6 x 25.2 x 4.2 cm