M10-D Black Chrome


Digital heart, analogue soul. That's the Leica M10-D in a nutshell. 

The newest addition to the M-System transports us back to the heyday of analogue photography, allowing you to direct your attention back to the essentials - the story behind the photograph. 

The settings and features of the M10-D are stripped back and fully mechanically controllable. In place of the digital screen we find an exposure compensation dial.

A Wi-Fi switch makes the Leica M10-D compatible with the Leica FOTOS App. Linking the camera with your smartphone, the app functions as a screen and brings you all the capabilities you've grown to love in the world of digital Leicas. No processing required.

Rediscover the moment with Leica.

In the box:
Charger 100-240V with 2 mains cables (Euro, USA) | Car charging cable | Lithium ion battery | Body bayonet cover | Cover for accessory shoe | Camera strap


  • Based on the Leica M 10-P
  • CMOS full-frame 24 MP sensor
  • Fully controllable manual settings
  • Exposure compensation dial
  • Quiet shutter
  • Integrated fold-out thumb rest
  • Compatible with Visoflex external viewfinder (incl. auto review)
  • Wi-Fi functionality
  • Leica FOTOS App compatible
  • No Leica red dot branding
  • No display
  • No distractions 

Product name

Leica M10-D

Camera type

Digital rangefinder system camera

Lens mount

Leica M bayonet

System lenses

Leica M-Lenses


Large, bright, combined bright-line viewfinder / rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation


Leica Maestro II


CMOS-chip, active area approx. 24 x 36 mm, 24 MP

ISO range

100 - 50,000

Storage media

SD cards from 2 GB, SDHC cards up to 32 GB, SDXC cards up to 2 TB

Buffer memory

2 GB


The WLAN function can be used only in combination with the Leica FOTOS app. Available free from the Apple App Store™ or the Google Play Store™.


Full-metal body: diecast magnesium alloy, leather trim; top plate and baseplate: brass, black

Dimensions (W x H x D)

139 x 37.9 x 80 mm


approx. 660 g (with battery)

The purchase of this camera includes a free 90 days membership of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, including 20GB of Cloud storage.