Ultravid 8x32 HD Plus boxed - Ex-Demo

Excellent condition. 


10 years warranty.

SN: 1641426, 1642377, 1642378

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The new family of Ultravid HD Plus binoculars is now complete with the introduction of the 32 Series.

The Leica Ultravid 32 models come in an impressively compact form, offer outstanding optical performance and easy focusing. They are also ideal for daylight.
They are available with a magnification factor of 8x or 10x.

High Transmission Glass - Use of the special SCHOTT HT glass for the prisms further increase light transmission so that even the smallest detail can be identified even in late twilight.

New Optical Coatings - Using a new high temperature plasma process, new high quality coatings further improve light transmission especially in the blue & violet spectral range which increases both the brightness of the image & the contrast whilst maintaining accurate & correct colours.

The innovative AquaDura® coating grants crystal clear vision in any weather and protects the lenses from scratches or abrasion. Raindrops simply roll off. Dirt and fingerprints are easily wiped away.