The Leica Akademie Mayfair

Following in the footsteps of the original German Akademie dating back to 1934, the Leica Akademie Mayfair offers a collection of workshops that aims to inspire a new generation of photographers and help capture the ‘decisive moment’ through a Leica lens.

A premier learning resource for Leica users, Leica Akademie Mayfair workshops are open to entry-level photographers as well as those more experienced.

The Leica Akademie Mayfair is located at 64-66 Duke Street, London.


Leica M Taster

This experiential workshop offers the unique opportunity to shoot with the highly desirable Leica M camera. It serves as a comprehensive introduction to the Leica M digital rangefinder system, and participants are encouraged to get hands on with the camera. A Leica instructor will demonstrate the camera's abilities and guide participants through the basics of the rangefinder functionality. The workshop will include shooting outdoors followed by a short review of the results.


Leica M Photographer

Specifically designed for Leica M (Typ240) owners, this comprehensive and practical workshop allows users to shoot with their camera and lenses while refining their photography skills and acquiring new techniques to enhance their Leica M rangefinder experience.

The Leica instructor will discuss working methods, shooting techniques and share tips to make the most of your camera.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the work of influential photographers, who have shaped the Leica legend, and consider ways of expressing their individual photographic style. The workshop also includes the opportunity to review images as a group and explore post-production methods in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Participants must bring their camera and lens to the workshop. An inspiring selection of Leica lenses will be available to test drive.


Leica in London

This London based creative workshop gives participants the opportunity to join a 'project based shoot', where they will work on a creative assignment brief, set by a Leica Akademie instructor.

Open to any level of photographer, the workshop is designed to help participants develop skills whilst working to a brief. Topics of discussion will include; image composition, developing a distinctive style in your images, the importance of editing, understanding light, and what makes a successful image. 

In the afternoon there will be an opportunity for a group review and critique to help develop skills and understanding of your work.

This workshop is open to all Leica camera owners as well as aspiring owners. A limited number of loan cameras are available on request.

Price £245 (includes brunch)


Leica Bespoke

Designed to help Leica Camera owners familiarize themselves with, and instill greater confidence in, the handling of their camera.

Topics covered vary according to the personal requirements of the attendee and may include: getting to know a Leica camera, manual and autofocus, exposure and metering, camera modes, white balance, composition and Adobe Lightroom.

Leica owners should bring their equipment to the bespoke one-to-one session.

Price £100/hour



Leica on Location

Let your photographic journey begin here. Elevate your photography skills to the next level on carefully crafted and immersive worldwide photography workshops. Join us on our travels to luxurious destinations and challenging expeditions as diverse as the American Wild West, Provence and Madagascar. Change the way you see the world through the eyes of Leica, your photography tutors and fellow aficionados. Inspiration, technical expertise, advice, photography assignments and portfolio reviews are all included. You will have the exciting opportunity to try out the Leica M (TYP 240), the M Monochrom and the S-E (Typ 006). A selection of legendary M lenses and Leica binoculars will also be on hand for you to experience.