Anders Birger

Anders’ work spans editorial projects, portraiture and advertising, with his main focus being documentary photography where he tries to explore new visual narratives and ways of pushing the medium in new directions.

Anders has worked in most parts of the world documenting people’s lives, often in time of crisis. Since the early beginning of the Syrian civil war, Anders has travelled in the area extensively. This has resulted in a number of projects, most notably This Damn Weather exhibited at The Photographers Gallery as part of the Fresh Faced, Wild Eyed exhibition and released as a book funded by the Danish Cultural Institute and presented at CPH:LITT, literature festival of Copenhagen.

Anders’ photography is becoming more observant and his latest long-term project is an exploration of the European mentality and physicality, as well as mental borders we erect in order to define ourselves today and throughout history. The first part of this ongoing project was presented at Brighton Photo Biennale December 2018 and the next part is planned to begin early spring with a journey up through the Balkans and along the Russian border.

Clients include Libération, The Guardian, Stern Magazine, Le Nouvel Observateur, Wall Street Journal, London College of Fashion, Amnesty International, Carlsberg, Tate Britain, Die Presse, Information.      

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