‘Engineered by Nature’- a David Yeo exhibition shot on the Leica S

“Everything about the Leica S is strong and solid; even when changing lenses, you feel the weight of the glass and immediately sense its unique quality.” - David Yeo

Join us as we celebrate David Yeo, winner of the inaugural British Life Photographic competition, at the Leica Studio Mayfair.

Using the Leica S, he has captured a unique connection and contrast between man-made objects and the natural form studying miniature animals - both those naturally of diminutive size and those bred by humans for aesethtic pleasure

David’s gift for genuinely original and graphically strong imagery comes from a strong visual memory uniting the wholeness of composition with his ability to light and create the perfect mood to complement his subjects.

For David, each object had to represent size and scale to best emphasise the miniature size of the animal against the ordinary, recognisable item. The animal and object become abstract forms in an elegant graphical design.

This body of work is David’s most innovative image creation to date.

Date: 19th October – 3rd Nov 2017 - open to the public Time: 10am – 6pm Venue: Leica Studio Mayfair 27 Bruton Place, London W1j 6NQ