Leica Ambassador - Kim Leuenberger

Kim Leuenberger is a photographer, videographer and location scout originally from Switzerland. She has lived all around Europe before finally settling in London to complete a BA in Photography at London College of Communication. Since graduating, Kim has been adventuring along coasts, hiking up mountains and roaming along some of the most beautiful roads in the world.

Her work focuses on travel and a lot of her projects involve road trips. Her love of the open road and for adventures (by foot, car or motorbike) were passed on to her by her parents and grandparents who taught her everything about exploring in any situation – and the ever so useful art of the perfect U-turn! Her never-ending thirst for adventure has led her to embark on many unexpected and mostly unplanned expeditions all around the globe, which she likes to capture with her trusted Leica Q, all the while armed with her playful and easily amused gaze.

Kim’s series ‘Travelling Cars’ has been featured worldwide by the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, Spiegel, ABCnews, Euromaxx, Lonely Planet and many more. It is also currently exhibited at Basel’s Museum of Culture.

Her clients include Hertz, Huawei, Netflix, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW as well as tourism boards such as Tourism Ireland, Visit California, Finland and Japan.