Imaginary Landscapes Exhibition by Olaf Willoughby

Imaginary Landscapes  

Landscape has a place deep in our subconscious. Whether that is a primal memory from roaming the savannah or a remnant of early religions, which infused, trees, water and mountains with the spirits of ghosts and Gods. At one time or another we’ve adjusted our sense of perspective as we’ve stood in awe at the wonder of nature.

Photography has a long and honored tradition of practical use for preservation and protection (evidence for declaring Yellowstone the first US National Park), promotion (tourism) and for protest (mining, logging, drilling).

Olaf wanted to go back in time and take a different approach. Consider the similar patterns shown by the veins in a leaf, aerial views of the landscape, even capillaries and the flow of blood in the human body. This led him to the idea of interconnectedness in nature, worlds within worlds. Add in the sheer sense of wonder felt in a slot canyon and the link to a sense of the sacred can’t be far away. So Imaginary Landscapes was born, a project that tries to recapture that ancient sense of magic.

Images which improvise on the basic elements of the landscape; stones, trees, water, flora, clouds to show the underlying one-ness and beauty of the natural world

This exhibition runs from October 1st to October 29th 2016 at the Leica Store City     Olaf will be talking about his work on Tuesday 25th October. If you wish to attend please click the link

Olaf Willoughby

Olaf is a photographer and writer based in London. His work centers on Pattern Detection, seeing the ebb and flow of energy around us. His visual stories involve everything from advocacy for the Antarctic to collaboration with other artists or combining abstract imagery with haiku poems. Some of these projects are still evolving; some have completed their journey to a fine art book. Reaching that destination, getting work out there, is the exciting moment for him. Endings contain new beginnings…


In 2016 under the LightDance brand together with Eileen McCarney Muldoon, he taught a creative photography course at Maine Media College, Rockport, USA and at the Leica Store, Mayfair. Olaf also runs workshops in New York and Brooklyn and exhibited Imaginary Landscapes in New York.

 Co-foundering The Leica Meet a Facebook/website group that currently has 10,000+ members. To date this group has held Meets in London, Paris, New York and Boston.