Mkomazi Wild Dog by Olly & Suzi

Leica Store City GalleryMkomazi Wilddog by Olly & Suzi On Now An exhibition of photography and small landscape paintings made in Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania.

For the past 30 years British collaborative artists Olly & Suzi have been in a conversation with the natural world.

Since their first art expedition to meet legendary conservationist Tony Fitzjohn OBE in 1994 much of their time in the African bush has been spent observing, painting and photographing the African wild dogs of the Mkomazi- Tsavo border region.

Mkomazi Wilddog previews for the first time Olly & Suzi’s intimate photographs of a beautiful and intelligent predator that now thrives against the odds as an ‘indicator’ of the health of an entire ecosystem. The stunning landscape of Mkomazi features in a new series of small paintings of this little known wilderness that has become so close to the artists’ hearts.

All photographs have been shot on mechanical Leica rangefinder film cameras with a 35mm lens.

10% of all sales are being donated to Tony’s work preserving the African Wilddog