Robin Sinha

Growing up in Newcastle, Robin Sinha moved to London in 2003 where he’s remained ever since.  Quickly side stepping a potential, and most likely disastrous, career in PR, Robin returned to university undertaking a photography degree at LCC, University of the Arts.

While studying for this degree, Robin began assisting photographer Manuel Vason, and had his first taste of high budget, commercial photography at home and abroad. 

Soon after Robin began assisting at London’s Big Sky Studios working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Aside from painting coves and perfecting the art of tea making, Robin began learning the intricacies of studio lighting and began experimenting with portraiture. This marked the beginning of his love for people-led photography.

In 2009 Robin joined Leica’s Akademie in Mayfair where he currently leads the photography training program while continuing to pursue his passion for portraiture, street and documentary photography. Robin’s work has been published in the likes of Dazed and Confused, Monocle and Black+White magazine, while previous clients include YouTube, COS and Clinique.      

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