Sergey Melnitchenko
9th to 24th February

'Who's here?', #10, 2017

‘I like to work with the nude body and to show the beauty of it, yes. But it’s not all. I also love the process of photography and I love the reactions of people who see my work. In contemporary art every detail has its own sense; it's not only about natural beauty - that is no longer interesting.’

Leica Gallery London will exhibit, for the first time ever, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) ‘Newcomer’ winner, Sergey Melnitchenko. Melnitchenko (b. 1991  Mykolayiv, Ukraine) began taking photographs in 2009 and since, in a relatively short career, has won several awards as well as exhibiting across Europe.

His work is born from a desire to go deep inside the subject using the interactions of those close to him (whether family or colleagues) to provide the stimulus and creative inspiration for his images. At times painfully personal, visceral and evocative, he takes us on an intimate life journey through both an abstract and realist lens.

The exhibition will show works from three of his series ‘Who’s Here?’ documenting his family life with his wife and stepson, ‘Her’ focusing on his wife and muse and his own ‘Nude Self-portraits’, all of which are shot on the Leica he won as part of the LOBA in 2017.