C-Lux Travel Kit

See your next adventure in more detail.

Life-like imagery. Lightning-fast auto-focus. And best-in-class zoom. That's the C-Lux in a nutshell. And with its incredibly compact size (made to fit your jacket pocket), the C-Lux has long established itself as a Leica favourite for travelers.

We've bundled the camera with our most compact set of binoculars - the Trinovid 8x20.

In 1969, the NASA Apollo 11 lunar mission brought the first men to the moon. On board with them; a pair of Trinovid binoculars. Discover what over 100 years of experience in creating world-renowned camera optics can do when it comes to providing true-to-life sport optics.

Complimentary addition:

Bond Street leather bag by ONA

The beauty of the C-Lux isn't just skin-deep. This compact camera truly packs an impressive punch in speed and performance. 

With a 20-megapixel sensor, lightning-fast autofocus and the ability to shoot 10 frames per second, it's made for super-crisp imagery and incredibly high speeds. 

At just 340g and easy single-handed handling, the C-Lux is ideal for those who want to have a camera that fits into their jacket pocket but isn't looking to compromise image quality. 

The small size and incredibly crisp images have made the C-Lux a favourite companion for traveling light.

With the ability to shoot 4K video in the palm of your hand, this compact wonder makes every moment one to keep forever.

With a 15x optical zoom and a light sensitivity setting up to ISO 25600, it's the incredible versatility of the C-Lux that makes it an ideal starter-camera for those who want to let their tool do the work for them, and concentrate fully on capturing the moment.

The purchase of this camera includes a free 90 days membership of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, including 20GB of Cloud storage.