Geovid 8x42 HD-B 3000

  • Linear distance determination of up to 3,000 yards
  • Precise measurement results in decimal figures up to a distance of 200m/200 yds
  • MicroSD card slot for custom ballistic data input: highest precision and easy handling
  • Precise calculation of relevant shooting distance, holdover and click adjustment under consideration of temperature, barometric pressure and angle
  • New, illuminated LED display with automatic brightness adjustment and enhanced symbols for a better overview
  • Extremely fast scan mode: measuring results every 0.5 seconds –ideal for running game

With their combination of ABC® ballistics, optical quality and ergonomic design the new Geovid HD-B models are unparalleled worldwide. The ballistic readings can be output in three formats: holdover, click adjustment and equivalent horizontal range. Air pressure, temperature and angle are included in the measurements and calculate the correct point of aim with the highest precision.

Using a microSD card and the Leica ballistic calculator, individual ballistic data can be fed into the Geovid, resulting in perfectly matched measurement data for the charge and the calibre. Without reprogramming, the once-created ballistic data can be stored for future use on a microSD card and applied individually depending upon the hunting situation and selected charge – it doesn’t get faster or more precise.

Leica Ballistics programme for Geovid HD-B

The Leica ballistics programme performs calculations for the Geovid HD-B (including download of data), the ballistic reticles of the Leica riflescopes as well as the rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) of the Leica riflescopes.

Link: Leica Ballistics Calculator