Kodak Ektachrome E100 - 35mm

Eighty years after Kodak first released Ektachrome, the widely celebrated film stock makes a highly anticipated comeback. 

For decades, Ektachrome was the top choice for professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers alike. On December 24th, 1968, the first colour image taken of planet earth ("Earthrise") was taken on Ektachrome and went down in history. The stock has also been used by the likes of directors Tony Scott ("Domino") and Spike Lee ("Inside Man") for its unparalleled look.

Finally back in production and showcasing the same outstanding image quality and colours that professionals around the world had grown to love, Kodak's Ektachrome E100 is your gateway tool to joining the analogue revolution.

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Benefits: Unlike colour negative films, colour reversal film (also referred to as "colour positive film" or "slide film") provides a positive image once developed. This image can be viewed instantly against a light source or can be projected on a screen. 

Colour reversal film does not require printing and can be scanned straight to digital. Reversal film is known to produce a finer grain and more vivid colours. It also offers a higher resolution and sharpness, ideal for enlargements or scans. 

Exposure: Colour reversal film has a narrower margin of error for exposure than colour negative film, making correct exposure more important. Try to get within half an f stop.

Developing: Slide film is developed in E-6 processing chemistry, which is still widely available today. 

If you are keen to experiment, your Ektachrome can also be developed in standard negative film emulsion. This process is called cross-processing and will result in very high-contrast prints. 

Check in with your film precessing studio about cross-processing your slide film, as not all facilities will accommodate that request.

Scanning: When scanning colour reversal film, be sure to use a transmission scanner rather than a reflective scanner. Use the slide film setting if available or check your local photography/print store for assistance.

Kodak's Ektachrome E100 is a colour reversal film, also known as a slide film.

  • Extremely fine grain (rms 8)
  • Virtually grainless scans and enlargements
  • Low D-min for clean, bright white
  • Moderately enhanced colour saturation
  • Neutral colour balance
  • Low contrast tone scale
  • Outstanding skin tone reproduction
  • Designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash

Read the full technical data sheet here.